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[转] jruby 1.0.0rc3 released!

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the jruby community is pleased to announce the release of jruby 1.0.0rc3.


this will likely be our final release candidate before our 1.0 release.  people are
encouraged to try out this release to help us find any remaining showstopper issues.  we
have spent a lot of time over the last month squashing compatibility bugs and we have
confidence that applications 'will just work' (tm)*.  please try your applications and
libraries against jruby and give us feedback.

in the last month we have had a record number of people come in and provide a patch or
report a bug.  interest in jruby has exploded since javaone and railsconf, and many
development groups are now testing and deploying jruby and jruby on rails apps in
production. this has really helped accelerate our progress and jruby is looking much
better because of it.  a few honorable mentions go out to: koichiro ohba, daniel berger,
david montag, dr nic williams, and jon tirsen. 

we also want to thank all the people who hang out on irc, triage/report/patch issues, and
communicate on our mailing lists.  their interest has really helped shape jruby into a
better implementation.

as we approach our 1.0 release, we encourage ruby (and jruby) community members to
contribute to a few projects key to the success of alternative implementations:

- the rubyspec wiki (www.headius.com/rubyspec) has slowly been growing into a free,
community-driven specification of ruby. many people have contributed articles, and several
of those directly aided jruby development. the more people contribute to the wiki--in any
way--the more it will begin to form a complete specification for ruby the language and
ruby the platform. have you written rubyspec today?

- both the rubinius and jruby projects have been building out their testing suites, to the
point that jruby now runs more regression/compatibility tests than any other ruby
implementation and rubinius has the largest collection of rspec specifications for ruby.
we two projects have been coordinating and cooperating on these testing/spec suites, but
they need your help! check out the jruby or rubinius source code and dig into the tests...
you'll be helping both projects and the community at large. for more test suites, check
out the rubytests project on rubyforge, where it is hoped that all test suites will
eventually reside, and the ruby_test project under the shards project on rubyforge.

jruby's tests are at in the test dir.
rubinius's specs are at in the spec dir.
rubytests is at
rubyspec is at

* - the trademark is a joke
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  friday, august 24, 2007
jruby 1.0.1 released

the jruby community is pleased to announce the release of jruby 1.0.1.

homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jruby/

jruby 1.0.1 is a minor release of our stable branch. the fixes for this
release are obvious compatibility issues that we feel are low risk. our
intention is to periodically push out point releases to help better support
production uses of jruby.


    * fixed a issue which caused most multipart processing to not work
    * fixed issue with sockets that affected some aspects of net/* libraries
    * fixed network timeout issue for large packets
    * 28 issues resolved




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